Lagir Zala Ji Today's Full Episode


TV series: - I got lagira

Lagir jhal ji

Producer: Shanta Shinde and Sanjay R Khambade

Director Sanjay R Khambade

Production House: Vajra Production

Caste: Nitish Chavan, Ajit Shinde Shivani Bakkar, Sheetal Pawar Kiran Dhane,

Jaideepeepin Bortenila Chavan Vikasamahish Jadhav, Bhai Saheb Jamijiri, Amarnath Kharade,

Screenplay and

Talks: Tejpal Vogmusika: Avi Pruffulandandirhna: Praveen Kumar, Rupali Moghe Shading (DOP): Ranjan Jarta: Pandurang Pawar

Editor: Chaudhary costumes, Narpat, makeup happy gaavade: Nilesh Shiva, Charm quilt

Assistant Director: Harish Shirke Channel: Zee Marathi Start date: 01 May 2017 Time to start: Monday to Saturday 07.00

Story plan: Satara region of Maharashtra is famous for many things, but most importantly, many soldiers in this area have become soldiers for the Indian Army. "Lagira Zhaala, is a story about a brave young Satara, Ajinkya Shinde, who is trying to fight and fight against the enemies of our country.

Ajinkya's parents died while being too young. They live with their 'Mom-Mom' and grandmother 'Jiji'. But the soldiers are very happy about the curiosity of mother-in-law to make them cruel, because their child has to marry their daughter (pigeon) to make Jayasuriya.

On the other hand, a woman from the village is openly aware of the free spirited way and it is always said that there are some types of controversy that arise in the debate. Mild is right, her life has no intention. She grew up because she was the only daughter of the house and so she got so much love. However, they are gradually decreasing for this cold weather. On one side, love love for love and love for motherland and love is on the love of Ajit!

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