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TV series: My wife's wife

My wife's wife - My wife's wife, (Zee Marathi): Manna Nvrade's wife Manbi,

My wife navarayaci Producer: Kedar Kedar, Doctor prodaksanah Production House: trampakarda nirmitisarstakasta Abhijit khandakekara, Gurunath Anita on, radhaka Arun nalavadehuhitatatesteta mehandale author Rohini Ninave

Dialogue Abhijit Guru Rohini Ninave and Music: Big Jagdish Cinematography (DOP): Vijay Soni, attractive mudrale art

Directed by: Sameer Todavalakara Sanjay Pawar McKay Up Over: Kamlesh Paraba Kostamsa: Open Chaudhary Channel:

Zee Marathi Start

Date: 22 August 2016 Time to start: Monday to Friday at 7:00

It is said that happiness and misery should be shared with any romantic relationship. In the case of marital relation, this bond will definitely strengthen. But if her husband and wife have a tough job, then the third party threatens to come. And to make the bond difficult, sometimes it needs to be very kind and strong. Zee Marathi is based on the theme shortly, named Beko of New Nor's on the theme

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  1. The new shanaya does not suit the role. The original one does complete justice to the character. pls reinstate her back into the serial.

    I am a big fan of this serial n watch it without fail.