Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Full Episode 28 February 2019 Full Video

Radhika consents to go to the meeting with Shanaya 

Feb 27, 2019 

The most recent scene of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko begins with Bakula visiting Gurunath's mom. She educates Gurunath's mom that Revati has stopped the obligation. Shanaya comes there and gets upbeat seeing Bakula. She at that point asks Bakula to edall the unit errands and goes to require rest. 

Shanaya then calls her mom to informher the decent news that Bakula (the house keeper) has returned from her get-away. Her mom illuminates that Radhika has in consent to go to the meeting. 

Gurunath catches their language and begins addressing Shanaya. She discloses to Gurunath that she won't be regularly changing her call of going to the meeting. 

Mahajani Kaka and Kaku attempt and relaxRevati. Subodh remarks on Revati's callof stopping the obligation that winds up in ANargument. 

Radhika arrives and educates that she is going to the meeting. Radhika and Revati continue refuting each other. 

Shanaya then gets back to her mom and grumbles that Gurunath isn't permittingher for the meeting. Shanaya's mom advises her to margarine Gurunath to inducethings done. She furthermore offersShanaya a mystery mission of dealing with the primary concerns of Radhika.