Tula Pahate Re Todays Full Episode 05 April 2019

Isha’s parents then call her to check whether everything is normal at her house.
Later, Isha reaches the office of the election commission and asks the officer to check Vikrant’s name in the voters' list. When he checks the list, he finds that Vikrant’s photo is present in there but with someone else’s name.

She refers to him as Vikrant and then starts comparing their qualities which are quite similar. A clueless Jaydeep asks her why she is doing so. She tells him that he and Aaisaheb are comparing Isha with Rajnandini. Likewise, she is comparing Vikrant with him.
Isha reaches Vikrant’s office. She meets Myra and asks for Vikrant’s documents. When Myra asks for the reason, she tells that Vikrant’s name is missing from the voters' list and she wants the documents to solve the issue. So Myra gives her all the documents.

The officer then reveals that the name mentioned besides Vikrant’s photo is, Gajendra Patil. Isha gets shocked and recalls all the past incidences related to Gajya Patil. She keeps thinking about the connection between Vikrant and Gajya Patil.
Myra informs Vikrant about Isha coming to the office and taking his documents. Vikrant gets scared that Isha might find out his real identity.
He immediately calls her and asks why she has gone to the election commission without informing him. Also, he keeps interrogating her about what the officer told her